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About Us  
We are first generation Entrepreneur with no previous saga to tell. This project is our “Get Go” for the dream of creating multiple touch points on the Web. Our Brand “SAAMA” stands for our commitment “ Sailors Achieve A Milestone Always”
In today’s fast paced lifestyle, travelling between a Library / office / home is a challenge and becomes frustrating when the required Book is untraceable. This is our attempt to return few minutes of your time to YOU, if you permit.

Our collection
With more than 10,000 volumes to offer, Saamabooks stores books ranging from latest best-sellers to your favorite age-old classics. Our shelves not only cater to the interest of all age groups, but also offer a wide variety in every genre.

Why Saamabooks?
Finding the latest bestseller at your local library was a tedious task, with endless wait in queues. But with Saamabooks at your disposal, you can have it delivered right at your doorstep within 24 working hours! You get other benefits like unlimited number of books that you can issue and no late-fee.

Search made simpler
Considering the value of your time and to help you choose among the many books that Saamabooks has to offer, it provides endless resources like personalized recommendations, an easy to use rating system, a comprehensive browsing section, and advanced search functions.
This online-library is solely committed to customer satisfaction and will prove highly convenient to your liking. It gives you complete value for your time, taste and money. With it, now your favourite book is just a click away!

Word from the Management:-

A die hard book lover, my rendezvous with books started in the School Days. I used to sit on my school bus stop and be lost in the Commando Comic, without realizing that the School Bus left without me. My attachment to book made me realize that the knowledge source at affordable price is something that needs to be addressed as many of us struggle to go beyond one Book a Day because of Time and Cost Constrains.

A perfectionist always wanted to be a Contributor to the society in which I exist. The most expensive thing that we all have is TIME, but somehow it is always less. So to increase the free time in life of few, I decided to reduce the 60 Minutes of time you spend weekly on Library and create a platform where it can be done in 5 minutes. This is my attempt to ensure you gain 55 min in a day, so that you can have more fun time. Over the next 6 months we shall be creating many such opportunities where we shall try to save your time.




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