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Terms of Use  
Allocation, Delivery and Return of Rented Book(s)
Saamabooks reserves the right to allocate and deliver books to the members in any manner at their sole and absolute discretion. We also reserve all rights to take decisions regarding the number of copies for a particular title to be kept, the level of staffing and number of shipments to be processed at various distribution centers. As a result, you may or may not get the top priority books in your queue and the shipment for your next book(s) may not be sent on the same day on which we receive the book(s) from you. Presently, we aim to ship you your highest priority book(s) as per your queue, often on the same day as we receive book(s) from you. However, in some cases, the next shipment of available book(s) may be shipped after at least one business day after receiving your returned book(s).
Several other factors may influence delivery times such as (1) distance between source (distribution centre from where the book(s) were shipped to you and the destination (your shipping address), (2) time of your adding book(s) to or adjusting your queue. The above listed factors are not the limit to the factors that affect delivery time but just some instances quoted. Saamabooks does not delivers, processes or returns the book(s) on national holidays. We do not take any guarantees regarding the delivery and shipping of book(s). Saamabooks reserves the rights at its sole and absolute discretion to change its business policies relating to allocation, delivery and shipping of book(s) without notice. We reserve the rights to change or amend the “Terms of Use” without notifying the users. We suggest the users to review the “Terms of Use” from time to time in order to determine any changes and keep themselves updated.
An email will be sent to you informing you of the date we have received returned book(s) from you. Also, a separate email will be sent to you informing you about the date we have shipped your next book(s), including the expected time of delivery.
At any time, Saamabooks reserves the right to return any or all book(s) in possession of a member. The members should agree to and return the requested book(s) within seven days of request; failure to do so will make members liable to the cost of those books along with 50% cost of the handling charges, which will be charged from Member’s refundable security deposit.
Membership and Billing
Information regarding your specific account details and subscription with Saamabooks can be accessed on saamabooks website by clicking on the “My Account” link, located at the top portion of pages of the Saamabooks website.
Your use of saamabooks service implies that you allow us to charge you a monthly subscription fee and taxes applicable along with any other charges you incur in connection with your use of the Saamabooks service. Additional charges may apply in case you fail to return the book(s) or switch to another billing plan on your request. Billing, as indicated in this “terms of Use”, implies either a charge or debit, whichever is applicable according to your payment method. It also includes a checking amount, wherever applicable. You will be charged and billed subscription fee at the beginning of your subscription as well as monthly renewal, which will be charged every month until and unless you cancel your membership.
The commencement date for your next renewal period can be checked by clicking on “Renew Plan” link in “My Account” page. Every month we will charge you for your monthly renewal fee automatically on the calendar day corresponding to the commencement of your membership. In exceptional cases of your membership beginning on a date not contained in a given month, you will be billed from your payment method on last day of such a month. For example, in case you became a member on 31st January, you will be billed for the month of February on 28th or 29th February according to the year. All charges and fee except the security deposit is non-refundable. Also, no refunds or credits apply for partially used periods. In case saamabooks plans to change the fees or any other charges in effect, or adds new fees or charges at any time, you will be informed with an advance notice through email. In case, you plan to change your payment method or there is a change in validity/expiry of your credit card, you can reflect these changes to us by updating the information in Payment Method under “My Account” link.
If your Payment Method arrives at its expiration date, your continued use of the service comprises your authorization for us to continue billing that Payment Method, in which case you remain responsible for any uncollected amounts.


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