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Falling Upwards
Author   : Kassandra Sims
Publisher : Tor Paranormal Romance
ISBN No. : 0-765-35581-7
Availability : Available
No. Of Pages : 228
Description :
NEVA JONES IS ON A QUEST But she's not quite sure what she\'s questing for. A crow told her to take off all the iron she was wearing, a stag told her to get a lock of pale hair and a lock of dark, and an owl told her to jump into a lake. Neva is a businesswoman in the New South, not a character in some fairy tale -- but she\'ll take on this quest if it means no longer feeling like she\'s going insane. So she dives right into the lake and into a crazy dream-world where nothing makes sense, giants speak in riddles, surfers throw tea parties, and there\'s ocean as far as the eye can see. One thing seems certain: the hottie she met on a business trip in Wales is here, and needs to be saved from living the cycle of a curse over and over. Neva\'s saved herself plenty during her thirty-one years; she figures she can save a dark-haired, blue-eyed Welshman by solving a bunch of riddles. And then, if this really is a fairy tale, they\'ll be together forever.


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