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It's Not What You Sell, It's What you Stand For
Author   : Roy M Spence
Publisher : Haley Rushing
ISBN No. : 978-1-59184-241-5
Availability : Available
No. Of Pages : 318
Description :
Roy Spence has helped organizations such as Southwest Airlines, BMW, the University of Texas, Wal-Mart, the Clinton Global Initiative, and many others achieve greatness by obsessing about one big idea: purpose. Simply put, purpose is a definitive statement about the difference you are trying to make in the world. Purpose is the key to creating and maintaining a high-performing organization, deserving just as much attention as strategy, execution, and innovation. A real purpose cant just be words on paper. It has to get under the skin of every member of your organization  like Southwests purpose of democratizing the skies or Wal-Marts of saving people money so they can live better. If you get it right, your people will feel great about what theyre doing, clear about their goals, and excited to get to work every morning. This audiobook will help you discover your organizations purpose, proclaim it to the world, and apply it to everything you do. It will force your organization to address some tough and profound questions: \" What do we really stand for? \" Do our employees feel like what they do matters? \" Would our customers miss us if we ceased to exist? \" Do we bring our purpose to life everywhere we can? Spences hard-won lessons will change the way you view your job, your business model, your leadership style, and your marketing. They will help you make money, make a difference, and  with a little luck  make history.


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